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Think you know how many calories are in that sandwich? Mastered the dos and don’ts of working out? Test your smarts with these quizzes – the faster you answer a question correctly, the more points you score. See if you have what it takes to be a Fitness Guru!

Can You Spot Workout Bloopers?

Mistakes at the gym can prevent you from seeing results. Can you flag the fitness don'ts?

Which Eats Better Boost Your Energy?

A balanced diet can rev up your mojo. See if you can spot the energy-boosting eats.

Which Is Healthier?

You make choices every time you walk the grocery aisles or into your kitchen. But are your food decisions as healthy as they could be? Find out!

Are You a Germ Expert?

How good are you at sussing out the virus and bacteria traps at home, at work, and at the gym? Test your germ IQ here.

Cholesterol: What's Healthy, What's Not?

Do you know what it takes to keep cholesterol levels under control? Test your knowledge here.

Dining Out with Diabetes

Can you navigate restaurant menus like a pro? Here’s how to choose the healthiest options.

Do You Know How to Rein In the Pain?

Ouch! Sometimes getting fit hurts. Do you know what to do when you feel a twinge?

H1N1 Flu

Are your habits putting you at risk for getting sick? Test your swine flu smarts.

How Energy-Smart Are You?

Which everyday habits cause you to lose steam, and which ones give you a boost?

How Smart Are You About Working Out?

Poor form can sabotage your workout. Do you know which smart strategies can help you get fit faster?

Test Your Calorie IQ: Which Has More Calories?

Do calorie traps trip you up? From breakfast to last call, learn which foods are the healthier choices.

Test Your Diet Savvy

Are you smart about nutrition? Test your healthy eating knowledge with this quiz.

Test Your Sex IQ

Knowing your body can help make sex safer, more sensual and more fun. Take this quiz to test your sex smarts.

Test Your Sun Smarts

Skin cancer prevention starts with awareness. Are you smart about protecting your skin from the sun?

What's Your Cocktail IQ?

Cheers to your waistline! Test your cocktail calorie IQ to maintain a healthy weight. But be warned: A few of your favorites might just pop up on the Most Wanted list for sky-high calorie counts.

What's Your Portion IQ?

How big is a single serving of peanut butter, pasta or cheese? You might be surprised at these answers.

What's Your Vitamin IQ?

Think you can pop a multivitamin and call it a day? Think again. Test your vitamin IQ with the help of Ashley Koff, RD, FITNESS advisory board member and author of Mom Energy: A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged, to see which nutrient sources you're leaving untapped.